One of the most important principles of the gallery is our goal to help our clients make better informed decisions regarding the purchase and sale of important works of art. Adhering to that important principle requires that the services we offer to be tailored individually each time to our client’s needs. Often, we are asked to meet with families as they make plans for the distribution of significant collections or to meet with museum curators and directors to assist them with a market-based analysis of certain works of art they might wish to buy or sell. We offer these services on a project basis and occasionally, for our most active clients, we serve as retained curator and exclusive advisor to help build or distribute important collections. The following is merely a guide to the type of service and advice we can offer and is by no means exhaustive. We look forward to speaking with you to discuss how we can best be of service to you.

A good decision to purchase or sell a work of art begins with a relevant appraisal and discussion of the market, the quality and rarity of the work of art and the important attributes of condition and quality. Issues of connoisseurship are front and center in today’s market and an appraisal can initiate a good dialogue about how a work of art fits into the appropriate market context. We offer appraisals for Retail Replacement Value, Fair Market Value and a Selection for Sale which outlines expected sale prices if the work of art is to be brought to market.

The gallery is a member of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) which is the leading art industry association in America. The gallery offers our clients access to the ADAA Art Appraisal Service which can execute formal appraisals for tax purposes, including gift tax and charitable donation appraisals. Information regarding this service can be found online at the ADAA’s appraisal pages.

The gallery often purchases works of art or is retained on behalf of the seller to bring important works of art to the market. The focus of the gallery is on American art created between 1900 and 1950 with particular expertise in American ModernismAmerican Impressionism and the works of the Hudson River School. When we represent the seller of a work of art that usually takes the form of a consignment for sale in which the work of art is consigned to the gallery. During the consignment period we will offer the work of art to private collectors, art advisors and museums in an effort to maximize the return of value on behalf of the seller. For important works of art, Menconi + Schoelkopf has an excellent track record that far outstrips the success rates of our dealer competitors and the auction companies.

The marketing of works of art can be accomplished very quietly or with the benefit of a private offering plan woven together with a more aggressive public campaign in which we might feature a work of art in advertisements, art fair exhibitions, online listings and through illustration in our semi-annual catalogues. Every work of art or collection receives a marketing plan that is designed specifically for that work of art to ensure maximum exposure and the highest possible success rate.

If you are considering the sale of an important work of art or a collection of American art, inquire directly to or by telephone to Susan Menconi or Andrew Schoelkopf at (212)879-8815.

The gallery carries an inventory of perhaps 250 works of art at any time, with a focus on American ImpressionismAmerican Modernism, and the work of the Hudson River School artists.  We invite you to browse our inventory online or to contact us with questions regarding your particular interests. We maintain a rich database of our client’s interests to help us match sellers’ works of art with our buyers’ interests. If you are interested in the work of a particular artist, era, region or style, we invite you to email us here at so that we can be in touch regarding the works of art that might be of interest.

Art Advisory Services
For a small number of our most active clients, the gallery offers a full curatorial and art advisory service for which a potential buyer will retain the gallery staff to curate their collections. As your curator, the gallery staff will educate, inform and represent you in the active pursuit of a particular work of art or in the long range planning for the acquisition of an important collection.

In today’s world we often find that leading collectors benefit from a partner who assists with all of the curatorial and educational components that are essential in making well informed decisions about which works of art to purchase. As the value of works of art has risen over time it has never before been more important to make good decisions about which works of art to acquire and at what price. We find that few of our clients have the time, energy and wherewithal to become connoisseurs themselves on an accelerated basis. Through a rigorous process of education, experience and reflection, the gallery can provide our Art Advisory Clients with a wealth of knowledge and accelerate and empower our client’s decision making process.

When retained by an Art Advisory Client, the gallery assists with all of the registrarial and curatorial decisions. We assist with framing, conservation, lighting, research and the maintenance of an art collection. While this service is available on a project basis, a typical engagement will continue over a period of years.  An art advisory engagement is an exclusive arrangement that carries a significant investment of time and energy on the gallery’s behalf and minimum fees apply. We welcome your inquiry at or a phone call directly to Susan Menconi or Andrew Schoelkopf at (212) 879-8815.

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